Half Term Discovery Days

Monday 24th October – Time Travel for Beginners

This day is a general introduction to archaeology, giving you the chance to learn how to use archaeological evidence as a source for understanding life in the past and change over time, while at the same time developing general historical thinking skills. You will have the chance to be a real time detective as you handle collections of real archaeological artefacts from historic sites and learn how to interpret them to throw light on past places and people. No previous experience in archaeology is required, just an enquiring and lively mind and the willingness to think about new things in new ways.

Tuesday 25th October – Past Lives

This day will give you the chance to study some of the ways in which archaeologists study human remains in order to learn about life in the past. The day will mostly comprise interactive sessions giving you the chance to learn about different cultures in the past. No handling of real human remains will be involved, but you should be aware that the day will include consideration of a range of different cultural beliefs surrounding death: most of this will relate to non-contemporary societies including those of ancient Egypt, prehistoric Europe, ancient Rome, pagan Anglo-Saxon England and medieval Britain.  Once you’ve started thinking like an archaeologist, there will be a real mystery from the past for you to solve…

Discovery Days are extension learning courses for individuals which provide young people aged 11-15 (school years 7-10) with an opportunity to apply and stretch their existing knowledge and intelligence in a series of multi-disciplinary challenges linked to subject specific concepts at Key Stages 3-4.

The emphasis is on introducing new knowledge, ideas and approaches in practical hands-on activities from the multi-disciplinary subject of archaeology to contribute to on-going studies and project work in most curriculum subjects. In addition, skills developed during Discovery Days will contribute to Gifted and Talented programmes, STEM clubs and Citizenship studies.

For further information, dates and application forms please see our website.

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