New Test Pit Instruction & Record Booklets

ACA have just received six cardboard boxes of pristine new test pit instruction and record booklets. The last batch have been in circulation for five years and show all the (mud) marks of having been very well used and abused! Next time you come to dig a test pit with us we hope you admire the updated versions.

Test pit excavations are the methodology used in the University of Cambridge’s Currently Occupied Rural Settlement (CORS) project which aims to advance knowledge and understanding of the ways in which rural settlements that are still inhabited today developed in the past.

The advantage of excavating 1m2 test pits is that each one can be completed quickly and causes minimal disturbance to land still used today while ensuring as many sites within a settlement are investigated. The results of our test pit excavations across the region can be found here.

For more about the CORS project and excavation method please see our website.

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