Thinking Outside the (Artefact) Box

‘I have learned all about archaeology. I thought that you just dug up old artefacts but there is so much more to it!’

Discovery Day 1

Here are just some of the enthusiastic comments from several of the 300 school students who attended an ACA Discovery Day at the University of Cambridge last winter. Discovery Days aim to make learning about the past fun, inspiring and educational by using new ideas and concepts from the multi-disciplinary subject of archaeology in a series of hands-on, group-based challenges.

‘I think my general history knowledge has improved a great deal, especially my skills of thinking in a more interested way.’

There are a limited number of places still available on this year’s term-time Discovery Days aimed at Years 7-9 and link to a wide range of curriculum subjects including History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology & Physics. Courses include travelling through Time And Relative Dimensions in Space (TARDIS) to explore the impact of the Black Death, using the Periodic Table to solve some of the biggest mysteries of the past such as what people ate and where they came from, as well as learning how electric currents help archaeologists to see remains under the soil.

‘I have learnt all sorts of new skills used in archaeology and found the tasks really useful to estimate what people were like.’

Further information with the full list of dates and courses available this winter is on our website.

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