Photographing the Past around Us

Lavenham GuildhallACA is launching a photography competition, open only to Discovery Day participants 2011-12, on the theme of ‘Discovering the Past around Us’. Once you start to think like an archaeologist, you will be amazed at how many traces of the past you can still find in the places, things and people around us today. We hope to see some photographs of what our students find following their day at Cambridge University.

We’re not looking for a particular type of image or subject but for photographs that show or represent the past they see around them. This could include an historic building, someone wearing period costume, a museum artefact, a public monument, an antique from someone’s home, a landscape view or even something dug up in their garden! These are some suggestions of where to start looking but they may find something else which makes them think about bygone times in a new and different light.

Parish church 4Submissions will be judged in two categories: camera and camera phone. When the competition closes in March we will feature the winner and runners-up on the blog and website so make sure to take a look at these next spring.

Further information about Discovery Day bookings as well as the rules, guidelines and submission form can be found here.

Yesterday, 15 Year 9 History students from The John Warner School in Hertfordshire attended the Discovery Day ‘Time Travel for Beginners’ in Cambridge and here are some of the comments from feedback:

“It was fun and informative. Also it is very interesting. It couldn’t be improved.” (AD, student)

“It is really interesting and I have lerant a huge amount from the day. I enjoyed the part where we looked at all of the artefacts because I have never done it before.” (AG, student)

“The day was very interesting to the students. They gained lots of new ideas and ways of looking at the world as well as both practical and theoretical experience.” (SH, teacher)

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