Mystery Artefact of the Week

Mystery Artefact

Can anyone help identify our mystery artefact?

The ACA archaeologists have been engaged in an excavation a little closer to home today. Scraping at layer after layer of record booklets in our Cambridge office, we can exclusively confirm the revelation of previously unrecorded contexts of application forms and questionnaires. Some of these unique and individual specimens have not been seen in a whole five years and were at imminent danger of being lost to the mists of time, or more specifically, down the back of a filing cabinet. Following hours of careful cataloguing, you will be pleased to hear that they are now stored in box files for reference in future research.

Amongst the more exotic of the artefacts uncovered during the excavation include the item above. We would like to hear from any experts in late 20th Century culture to help narrow down a more specific date for the piece. Unfortunately the context of cardboard boxes in which it was found had been recently disturbed. We suspect that it could be of great ritual significance but would appreciate a more expert opinion about its intended purpose. If you think you can help identify our mystery artefact, or can offer help backfilling the spoil heap of document wallets, please contact us as soon as possible as a matter of great urgency.

One thought on “Mystery Artefact of the Week

  1. Sarah November 14, 2011 / 6:06 pm

    Following extensive research on Wikipedia I can inform you that the item appears to be about 5 years old, since Quality Street were introduced in 1936. The question of ritual significance is just as clear in fact. The contents were used as yummy rewards for a hungry workforce who needed encouragement to complete their alloted workload. They were often provided by management teams in lieu of a larger salary, and sometimes were unexpectedly bestowed by benefactors unrelated to the management structure in a whim of kind hearted friendship. Administrative assisstants were often easily bribed in this way.

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