Reflections on Pirton

TP9gThis summer, Pirton in Hertfordshire was the first ACA village to not only reach the monumental milestone of 100 test-pits but exceed it! The tally currently stands at 103 test-pits since 2008 and they already have another 10 sites lined up for next year’s field season. In this time, Pirton has hosted four HEFAs for Hertfordshire state-school students as well as numerous weekend digs to involve the local community.

Organised by the North Hertfordshire Archaeological Society, Dr Carenza Lewis will be talking about the results of ACA’s investigations into the origins and development of Currently Occupied Rural Settlements (CORS) next Tuesday, 22nd November, at Pirton Methodist Church at 8pm.  With so many sites sampled, Pirton rigorously demonstrates the trends of settlement growth and contraction overtime which become apparent using the test-pit technique of excavation. There are now only a limited number of tickets available and these can be purchased for £4 from the village shop or on the door. You can also read a blog post from Gil Burleigh, Pirton’s Local Co-ordinator, celebrating the 100th test-pit here.

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