Applicant Advice at Hand

P7130019Trying to decide which sixth form to apply for? Struggling to know how to keep your options open? Not sure how your post-16 decisions are going to impact on University applications further down the line?

Then help is at hand!

If you are looking for advice on subject choices, future careers and how best to boost your educational attainment in preparation for the next step in life then you will find be impressed by the wealth of information and advice available by contacting Universities directly and looking at their web resources.

Cambridge University produces a document of advice on A-Level subject decisions called Subject Matters. As you will see, we have a shortlist of subjects we recommend for keeping options open. Additionally, the Russell Group of research-leading Universities also produces a document of advice called Informed Choices.  On the Cambridge University undergraduate admissions website, you can find out more about every stage of the process from choosing courses, to the application process and student finance.

If you think Cambridge University looks like somewhere you might want to apply but you want not only a taster of what life and learning is like beforehand but an impressive achievement to support your future application, then you should consider attending one of ACA’s Higher Education Field Academies. HEFA is aimed at the very brightest and most motivated learners capable of applying to top-level universities and helps them to raise their educational confidence and aspirations. During the course, participants will be encouraged to discuss their ambitions for the future, regardless of subject choice, and to maintain contact with the University of Cambridge afterwards in order to help them realise their aims. You will find further details on our website.

Cambridge University welcomes personal enquiries from prospective students and will do all we can to help you to reach the right decisions for your future. Access Cambridge Archaeology has vast experience at advising potential applicants on both admissions at Cambridge University (any subject at all, not simply archaeology) as well as University applications more generally. We would be more than happy to talk through any queries or concerns you may have, simply contact us.

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