Brundon Fieldwalking

In association with the HLF-funded Managing a Masterpiece project, ACA will be fieldwalking in Brundon, near Sudbury in Suffolk, on Friday 2nd December and welcomes volunteers from the local community to take part. No experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm and interest in learning more about the past and gaining hands-on experience in archaeology which will see you through a December day outside! The site is the supposed location of Brundon Deserted Medieval Village, and the field we will be walking is where the church was thought to have been. Please note that we have a limited number of places available and require you to register with us in advance. Our contact details can be found here.

The fieldwalking is as part of Managing a Masterpiece’s objective to increase and awareness and understanding of the Stour Valley landscape and follows a couple of days fieldwalking in Bures last March (more can be found here) as well as a community excavation of Mount Bures castle in August (more here).


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