Fingers Crossed for Interviewees

P7130003To all the former HEFA participants who have interviews at Cambridge University and elsewhere in the next couple of weeks, all of us at ACA wish you the very best of luck! We have heard from several of you personally as well as from teachers at school and are delighted to hear that so many of you have decided you want to study at university and that HEFA helped you realise these aspirations.

ACA tracks the destination of former HEFA learners to learn about the choices they have made regarding their continuing education.  Please see our website for the results of longitudinal tracking to assess the longer term impact of contact with our outreach activities.

You can find out more about the admissions process and interviews at Cambridge University on the website here. Do get in touch to let us know if you have an upcoming interview or want to discuss options for applying to higher education.

“After my experience in Cambridge, I am more determined to go to university. And it has helped me choose what sort of things I would like to do in the future and has taught me about the wide range of doors which are open for me.”  (FB, studying ‘A’ Levels and planning on studying textiles or journalism at university)

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