Centrally Heated Digging in Pirton

IMG_2172The digging season never ceases for the enthusiastic volunteers in the HEFA village of Pirton, especially when in close proximity to a radiator and a kettle. Over the last two weekends, they have been excavating inside the lounge and dining room of a 17th Century farmhouse currently undergoing renovation. An experienced volunteer, Georgina Brackenbury has sent us photographs of a broken jug found in a dark feature in the dining room, just to the right of the diggers seen in the photographs below. A possible boundary ditch and yet more pottery dating from the late 12th to the 14th century were uncovered in the lounge. Shallow pits and post-holes were recorded in both rooms and a beam-slot in the dining room.

Earlier in the autumn, Pirton became the first village ACA has worked with to reach, and exceed, the incredible achievement of 100 test-pits. You can read more about A Hundred Tons of History Dug in Pirton from our local co-ordinator, Gil Burleigh. You can see the results of these test-pit excavations dug by community volunteers and HEFA students under the ACA excavation reports.


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