Exhibiting Long Melford

Picture 005Last July, ACA supervised a community excavation of 37 test-pits in the Suffolk village of Long Melford. The weekend was filmed as part of Michael Wood’s second BBC series charting regional social history, following the success of his 2010 series, Story of England which traced the impact of national and local events through time at Kibworth, Leicestershire.

The local historian who recruited residents to do the test-pit digging in their gardens, Rob Simpson (pictured right), has since formed a steering group with parish councillor John Nunn to help raise funds for a permanent display of artefacts found during the event and other excavations in the village to coincide with the screening of the programmes next spring.

Must farm boatShortly after the test-pit excavations, Rob Simpson, with a group of local enthusisasts, discovered a Mesolithic axe head which now extends the known occupation of the village back to 8000BC. He wants this find to be displayed to the general public in a village museum to generate further interest in local history, capitalising on the involvement of the local community in July’s digs.

To contribute to the Long Melford museum fund, call 01787 378084. The working title of the television series is currently ‘Great British Story – A People’s History and further details will be on our blog soon.

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