Thanking Our Local Coordinators

IMAG0177In 2011, 278 archaeological test-pits were dug in ACA villages and towns across East Anglia. These sites in private gardens, school playing fields, churchyards, village greens and neighbouring fields were sought by our local coordinators and each year we host a day in Cambridge to thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm liaising with residents in their community to ensure that we can continue our excavations. Many of our contacts are members of their local history societies and we owe them a lot for their knowledge and hospitality on visiting them.

Our ‘thank you’ event took place last Sunday and was well attended by local coordinators and helpers from our 2011 HEFA villages as well as many from previous years. We also had representatives from Managing a Masterpiece, the Cultural Olympiad and the Long Melford community excavations we ran in 2011. We reflected on the highlights of last year’s excavations and analysed the results in context of all the test-pits dug in the past 7 years. You can look at our excavation reports on the ACA website.

For more information on our public archaeological events, including our forthcoming excavation in Bures next June please see here.


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