HEFA Preparation Stacking Up

New BoxesAs the days begin to warm and the daffodils herald spring, it is time for ACA to brush off the trowels,  shake out the tarpaulins and take stock of equipment ready for the new digging season. Our first Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) is in Writtle, near Chelmsford in Essex, starting on Wednesday 28th March. We are working alongside members of Heritage Writtle, and this year we are focusing on test-pit sites in the west of the village, surrounding Great Oxney Green.

There are some inevitable measuring tape, hand shovel and bucket casualties which need repairing or replacing after last year, but the latest delivery to the McDonald Institute is a set of new plastic boxes for test-pit groups to keep their HEFA paperwork dry and as you can see, stacked together they’re even taller than Cat! We are pleased to announce that she is now off crutches and back at work part-time following a hip operation last December.

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