Ridley Hall Day 1

IMAG0202The first set of volunteers on the Ridley Hall excavation started on site today. Eight members of the Cambridge Archaeology Field Group (CAFG) began digging two slots into a grey-fill ditch which cuts into an orange gravelly natural exposed by the machine digging last week. The finds today have been predominantly Romano-British, with possible evidence of prehistoric activity. CAFG will continue on their trenches tomorrow before sixth-form students staying at Magdalene College and Homerton College join them later in the week.

Here is a sherd of Roman mortaria found today. This is pottery with coarse internal grit to aid grinding and formed into large thick-walled and rolled-rim bowls for food preparation. You can also see a fingerprint on the outer surface (left) from the potter who made it!


Other finds today include a copper ring (left) and a flint blade (right). The ring was found in the same slot as the mortaria, but the flint blade came from the second slot with several other worked flints.


We have had a large quantity of animal bones from the ditch, including cow, horse and sheep. The other animal to be found on site is Dorothy, who has been patiently sat by the spoil heaps watching the finds bags.

One thought on “Ridley Hall Day 1

  1. Sarah Cooper April 11, 2012 / 6:16 pm

    Brilliant finds! Looks as though you had a good day on the dig.

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