Ridley Hall Day 3



Nine sixth-form students have joined us at Ridley Hall for the first of three days digging with ACA.  They were invited by Magdalene College from link area schools from the North West, Merseyside and North Wales as part of their widening participation activities. The excavation will give them a rare opportunity to take part in University research in the heart of a Cambridge College and an exclusive insight into University life in Cambridge ahead of making decisions about higher education in the near future. We will have another nine students staying at Homerton College to join us on Monday for two days.


A small Anglo-Saxon bone comb was discovered today, with broken teeth and a copper rivet (right). Otherwise, most of the other finds hint that we have a site of significant prehistoric activity. We have far fewer Roman finds from the ditch and have found a Neolithic flint scraper (bottom left) as well as several struck flint flakes and a sherd of Iron Age pottery (bottom right).



The excavation has also attracted a lot of media attention. There is an article on p3 of the Cambridge News with an accompanying slideshow of photographs on their website here. We also had a visit from BBC Look East to film some of the finds, which we expect to air sometime over the weekend.


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