Digging & Sowing in Peakirk

The first of the Dig & Sow events to take place in the London Olympic year of 2012 is happening in Peakirk this Saturday, 28th April. Residents and volunteers will be excavating test-pits as part of the East of England Cultural Olympiad, called On Landguard Point and run by the Pacitti Company arts group. There are another three Dig & Sow events taking place in Essex, Norfolk and Bedfordshire over the coming month and registration for them is essential, for more details please see the On Landguard Point website here.

One thought on “Digging & Sowing in Peakirk

  1. Dr Avril Lumley Prior May 3, 2012 / 12:18 am

    Despite the inclement weather, the residents and diggers of Peakirk had an absolutely memorable day. It was heart-warming to see three generations of several families excavating together and celebrating their finds. “Well done, too” to the heroic ‘tea ladies’, who kept us supplied with bacon butties, sandwiches, cakes and hot drinks. Thank you, Peakirk, for supporting this event and thank you, Carenza, Ellie, Robert and the team for making it happen.

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