Mount Bures on The Great British Story


Last Friday’s episode of ‘The Great British Story – A People’s History’ featured clips of the Mount Bures excavations run by Access Cambridge Archaeology in partnership with Managing a Masterpiece last summer. This included an interview with local historian and owner of the motte site, Ida McMaster, on her first visit to the motte summit for more than twenty years. The episode continued to feature finds made in another ACA community excavation in Long Melford, including pottery dating to the time of the Domesday Book entry for Kentwell, in the north of the village.

At the request of Managing a Masterpiece, ACA will be returning to Bures later this month to conduct another community excavation on the common land recently purchased by the local residents, with the aim of excavating the town rubbish tip which should provide a wealth of evidence for life in Bures in the medieval and early modern periods.

If you didn’t see ‘The Norman Yoke’ you can still catch up with the programme on BBC iPlayer here, and you can read a post-dig summary of the results here. A full post-excavation report is currently being finished, and will be available to download from the ACA website soon.

Mount Bures 275

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