Nayland Test-Pit Preparations

Following the attendance of nearly 80 people at the village meeting last week, we have had over 30 offers of sites to excavate during the three day Nayland community test-pit digging taking place next month. The excavation will run from the 5th to the 7th of October 2012 as part of the Heritage Lottery funded Managing a Masterpiece Stour Valley Landscape Partnership.

Excavating archaeological test-pits in as many places as possible provides the most accurate picture of what went on when. It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle – the more pieces you can see, the better you can see the picture. You can see the results of previous test-pit excavations on the ACA website here.

To ensure that we have the manpower to excavate all of the dig sites offered in Nayland, we are still looking for additional volunteers to help assist residents with their test-pits.  Those who are less physically able are also very welcome, as less strenuous roles than digging will be available, such as recording, finds washing and providing refreshments, and will be much appreciated.

To get involved in any capacity, please contact Andora Carver on 01206 262 970 or e-mail Many thanks to Andora and helpers for the enthusiastic response we’ve had so far.

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