Cambridge State-Sector Admissions Rise

St John'sThe share of state-educated undergraduates admitted to Cambridge University this autumn has increased to 63%, the highest proportion for 30 years. This is a rise of 3% on October 2011 and in line with the University’s targets for admitting state school students.

The University attributes this success in part to the investment in summer schools, which bring young people to Cambridge for an experience of university-level study such as the Higher Education Field Academies (HEFAs) run by Access Cambridge Archaeology for the past six years in the East Anglian region. From 2012-15, HEFA will be funded by the University of Cambridge Widening Participation Project Fund to continue raising participation levels in higher education amongst under-represented groups in state schools capable of applying to top Russell Group universities such as Cambridge.

HEFA aims to raise academic aspirations, boost confidence and performance, and to give paritcipants the chance to learn, apply and demonstrate a wide range of academic and personal skills in preparation for higher education. Past HEFA feedback shows that 84% of paritcipants felt that they knew more about university after HEFA than before, with rises of 25-80% in numbers intending to apply to university and Cambridge respectively after the course compared to before.

The full statement on the rise in state-sector admissions can be read on Cambridge University’s new webpage here. The deadline for 2013 admission is 15th October 2012. If Year 13 students have any queries regarding admission procedures, course and college choices then they are encouraged to contact any of the undergraduate colleges here who will be happy to help.

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