Pirton – More Than 100 Tons of History

IMG-20121115-00262On the evening of Thursday 15th November in Pirton Methodist Chapel, local coordinator Gil Burleigh gave an illustrated talk on the test pitting in the village and bringing it up to date after Carenza’s talk in the same venue this time last year. Gil’s presentation gave more detail of what has been discovered in various areas of the village and in individual pits in some cases. Following Carenza’s title last November, and now that 108 test pits have been dug, Gil’s title was ‘More than 100 tons of history – some aspects of the Medieval and later evolution of Pirton village as revealed by archaeological test pitting since 2007 and other fieldwork’.  Topics covered included the origins of the Medieval village, 11th and 12th century expansions, moated farmsteads, the effect of the Black Death, Post-Medieval re-growth, and planned future work for the Pirton Landscape History Project.

GilTalk.IMG-20121115-00260Gil spoke for 55 minutes and the audience responded with many questions over the following 15 minutes. Despite the cold and damp weather, the event was attended by 60 people including residents, members of North Hertfordshire Archaeological Society and others. A small entry charge was made which raised an appreciable sum towards future project expenses. Gil was introduced by his wife, Diane, Chairman of the NHAS, and a vote of thanks was given by Georgina Brakenbury of the Pirton Local History Group.

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