Discovering History through Archaeology

DSCF7018Access Cambridge Archaeology’s Assistant Outreach Coordinator, Sue Poll, has taken the helm on organising this winter’s Discovery Days. These learning courses introduce new knowledge, ideas and approaches from the multi-disciplinary subject of archaeology in practical hands-on activities that contribute to studies and project work in a variety of curriculum subjects. Sue has written her account of last week’s Discovery Day attended by twenty-seven Gifted & Talented students in school years 8-10.

On Wednesday 21st Nov students from Sharnbrook Upper School, Bedfordshire and Woodlands School, Essex came to visit for an Archaeology in History Discovery Day, which took place in a university lecture room in the centre of town. According to the students the two best parts of the day were sorting through bags of recycling rubbish (to work out the type of people who had thrown it away) and looking at collections of real archaeological finds. For this latter task they had to draw on all the knowledge they had picked up during the day to work out the type of people who might have been using the land and the era in which they lived. Archaeologists were on hand to help identify bones, metal objects and bits of pottery. Everyone agreed how well the students listened to each other’s ideas and co-operated in their mixed school groups. When it came to the final presentations we were very impressed by how much information they had managed to gather from the small collections of finds.


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