North-West Cambridge Volunteer Weeks

In anticipation of the University’s North West Cambridge Development, Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) is undertaking a six month archaeological dig on the outskirts of the city and is predicted to uncover a massive Roman settlement complex on Cambridge’s western hinterland. From previous investigations, at least two different settlement centres are already known in the area with a network of route ways expected to connect them to Cambridge and beyond.

CAU is offering the opportunity for local residents and interested members of the public to find out more by coming on-site and working with the archaeologists to participate in the excavation. This will be a great chance for people to enhance their knowledge of the locality and its origins, whilst also gaining a greater appreciation of an archaeological dig. The dates for volunteering and school visits to the site are as follows:

Volunteer weeks
11-15 February 2013
18-22 February 2013

Visits for School groups
11-15 March 2013
18-22 March 2013

To register to take part and for further information, please contact CAU’s Outreach Officer at and visit the website here.

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