HEFA Donations

TP 12iAccess Cambridge Archaeology would like to say an enormous thank you to two donors (CS and NV) for recent contributions towards the Higher Education Field Academy. HEFA aims to raise academic aspirations, boost academic confidence and performance and give participants the opportunity to learn, apply and demonstrate a wide range of academic and personal skills by carrying out their own hands-on archaeological investigation.

The genoristy of the donors is appreciated enormously and will help high achieving state school students to realise their academic potential and increase their self-esteem. Year on year, feedback shows that HEFA participation achieves a near-doubling of students wanting to apply to the University of Cambridge and that after completing HEFA, 85% feel more positive about going to university and 86% feel they know more about university. For more information about HEFA and its impact on participants, please see the website here.

External contributions are vital to the continuation and success of the HEFA programme. Donations to the programme are managed by the Cambridge University Fundraising Campaign and can be made by clicking on the icon below:

“I loved looking around Cambridge University. I feel the skills that I’ve learnt over the last few days will be really useful in later life. I have had an absolutely fantastic time! It was brilliant fun and I feel like I’ve learned so much. I would recommend this to anyone!” GM (Pirton 2010)

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