Website Updates

Clare Test Pit Report 2011We have made several updates to the Access Cambridge Archaeology website to draw your attention to:

– New cover and format to the Clare Test Pit Report 2011

– Pottery distribution maps for the 2012 fieldwalking at Goldingham Hall, near Bulmer

HEFA impact case study of students who attended Binham 2012

– An introduction video to the Paston Dig & Sow 2012 on the Public Archaeology webpage

2 thoughts on “Website Updates

  1. Fran Reynolds January 23, 2013 / 8:31 pm

    Hi, Carenza et al,

    It was a surprise to see a picture of our test pit as your new cover for the Clare dig. Would it be possible for us to exchange the copy of the Report which we got at the Clare presentation for the new one. The picture reminds us of what a fun weekend it was!

    As you know we run a B&B in Clare and it would be a good bit of publicity for the dig if we put it in our guest sitting room. We did get the oldest bit of pot in Clare and we plan to include that nugget of information in the new website we are putting together. Many of our guests are very keen on local history and archaeology.

    Regards, Fran

    • archaccess January 24, 2013 / 9:31 am

      Hi Fran,

      The test pit at The Red House uncovered several memorable finds from the community excavations in Clare, from bullet cases to prehistoric pottery! We’re pleased that you intend to promote what was found to visitors to your B&B which should stir up some interest in the historic attractions of Clare.

      You can download a copy of the newly formatted report from our website and print a copy or add it to your new website (

      Best wishes,
      Clem, Access Cambridge Archaeology

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