Cambridge United, United

CUFC Launch - Ken SneathRepresenting Cambridge Community Heritage, Dr Ken Sneath attended the volunteer launch of the Cambridge United Football Club All Our Stories project yesterday afternoon, alongside the local MP Julian Huppert and representatives from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project is a celebration of the club’s centenary year and aims to collect memories from ealy players, managers and fans.  The outcome will be an opportunity for all to access the clubs unique view of history through a performance showing historical aspects of life for past players, managers and fans and a smartphone app which allows users to explore the history of the club, tour the grounds, access memorabilia, memories and the performances.

Dr Sneath is a season ticket holder and avid supporter of the U’s. As well as providing advice on sources for oral history, he has even found a few items in his loft for their museum displays!

Cambridge Community Heritage aims to bring researchers from the University of Cambridge and communities together to develop new ideas for projects investigating local heritage. The research team is funded by the Arts & Humantities Research Council (AHRC) to provide ongoing support to All Our Stories projects including training and help with running activities in 2013.

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