Digital Rock Art from Ancient Europe

Following the great success of their exhibition in Milan with over 20,000 visitors in a month, the PITOTI project continues to England as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. The Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology will host the multimedia exhibition on digital rock art from ancient Europe from Wednesday 6th March.

The prehistoric site of Valcamonica is situated in the Province of Brescia, Northern Italy, and contains some of the best rock-art anywhere in the world – over 100,000 individual images engraved on more than 2,000 natural rock surfaces spread over an entire valley, 70 kilometres long. The aim of this exhibition is to explore the boundaries and build bridges between the world of Archaeology and the world of film, digital humanities and computer vision. The Pitoti rock-art figures from Valcamonica in the Lombard Alps are in a UNESCO world heritage area and were conceived between the Copper Age and the Iron Age, after an interregnum in the Roman period, then reappeared in the Middle Ages. The rock engravings are now being filmed, photographed, animated, and re-presented in the 21st century with new digital graphic technologies.

The exibition will be open to the public from 6th-23rd March (Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am-4.30pm) and has free admission.

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