Cambridge Keros Project Seeks Volunteers

If you’re looking for the opportunity to take part in archaeological fieldwork overseas, you may be interested in volunteering for a Univerisity of Cambridge fieldwalking survey on the uninhabited island of Keros in the Cyclades of Greece this summer. In the Early Bronze Age it was the location of an important settlement and ritual site examined in the recent excavations of the Cambridge Keros Project, directed by Colin Renfrew.

A pedestrian surface survey of the island of Keros was begun in 2012 in order to place the results of the 2006-2008 excavations in a wider context. The aim is to complete the survey in 2013. The work in 2013 is divided into two three-week seasons. The first begins on 3 June and continues to 22 June (inclusive). After a break survey resumes from 16 September to 6 October (inclusive). The team shall be based on the nearby island of Kouphonisi and travel daily by caique to Keros. The daily schedule involves (sometimes strenuous) walking to the day’s survey zone, then structured survey over the area. Areas of interest, identified through surface features and remains of material culture, will be further surveyed in a more intensive fashion. Much of the west of the island was covered in 2012, and so the work this year will concentrate in the east, although some intensive collections will also be scheduled in the west.

The project hopes to cover accommodation and food costs for those participants who need it, as well as return travel from Pireaus to Kouphonisi. However as funds are short, preference will be given to those who are able to find grants for the purpose. The project shall not be in a position to meet any fares from overseas to Athens.

Those who are interested should in the first instance contact Michael Boyd (

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