Toft Time Team’s Snowy Start

Toft Historical Society successfully bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories programme with Cambridge Community Heritage support, and last week their project to investigate the earliest settlement of the village, ‘Toft Time Team’, was officially launched by Dr Carenza Lewis. The society are starting to collate evidence from aerial photographs and geophysical prospection, and aim to follow up their findings with a weekend of community test pit excavations at the start of July.

A reconnaissance of potential test pit sites was attended by two other CCH researchers, Dr Sue Oosthuizen and Dr Alex Pryor on a particularly cold and snowy day at the end of January. You can watch a video of their walkabout and discussions above, which was produced to show at the launch event.

Commenting on the award Colen Lumley, project spokesperson, has said “Toft has many of its inhabitants and others dedicated to the history of the village and this undreamed of award opens a new chapter in the life of the Society. Now with aid of our partners in the project, Cambridge Community Heritage we can call on professional skills and support joined with other local history studies, grounding our own investigations. This is the first real opportunity to present an activity likely to prove attractive to the young members of our community and to encourage participation in a project that will hopefully provide training and an evocative educational resource for the future.”

You can find out more about the project over the coming months by following the ‘Toft Time Team’ blog on their website here.

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