Nayland Test Pit Results

Dr Carenza Lewis, will be giving a talk on the results of the Nayland excavations next Monday, 29th April at 7:30pm at Nayland Village Hall.

As part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Managing a Masterpiece scheme, Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) gave Nayland residents the chance to carry out their own small archaeological test pits to find out how the village developed over hundreds – even thousands – of years in the past. Thirty-four sites were dug by residents, family, friends and interested members of the public from elsewhere over one weekend last October.

The project was run by Dr Lewis, well-known from Channel 4’s Time Team and BBC’s Story of England and The Great British Story. Come along to her talk on 29th April to find out how the finds from the excavations have pieced together a picture of the history of Nayland and have contributed to research at the University of Cambridge about our understanding of the development of rural settlement in the eastern region.

Carenza speaks at the final meeting

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