Wormingford Landmarks Fieldwalking Discovery

Wormingford Landmarks is a project run by Wormingford Community Education Centre to discover more about the first people to settle in the local area.  There are different events and activities planned throughout this year for the public to explore the archaeological evidence from a Neolithic/Bronze Age site and make their own connection with the past.  At the end of April, volunteers came forward to take part in 2 days of fieldwalking, a non-invasive method of looking for archeological remains.  Late on the second day, Nat Jackson, a volunteer from the local community, discovered a Stone Age axe lying on the surface of the soil.

Amanda Findley, Wormingford Landmarks Project Leader, said “This find came right at the end of a cold, wet day.  It was an amazing feeling to hold something in your hand which was made by another human who was alive thousands of years ago.  It is a fantastic discovery.’  Howard Brooks from Colchester Archaeological Trust is the lead archaeologist on the Landmarks project.  He said, ‘We think that flint axes, as well as being valuable functional tools were also prestige items that were often buried in significant places, often near to natural features such as rivers, or burial grounds.’” The find will be investigated by a flint expert to try to determine its age and it will be on display at Landmarks events planned for the summer.

A Cambridge Community Heritage supported project, you can read more about the discovery on the Wormingford Landmarks blog here. The news story has also made it onto the BBC News Essex website here.

On Saturday May 18th there will be a flint interpretation session at CAT headquarters, Roman Circus House, Circular Road North, Colchester 10.00am – 12.00 noon – all welcome to come along.

One thought on “Wormingford Landmarks Fieldwalking Discovery

  1. Laure Bonner May 7, 2013 / 7:41 pm

    That is beautiful! Well done!

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