Melford Milestone Restored

Long Melford MilestoneRob Simpson and John Nunn of Long Melford have now had their 200 year old milestone fully restored, and last Sunday it was hoisted into its original location, at Rodbridge Hill in Long Melford.  Rob and John say that “the Melford Heritage Centre volunteers and the fantastic local enthusiasm for history, has done wonders in this village since the filming, and broadcast of Michael Wood’s Great British Story last year” helping them to restore another piece of Melford history.

One thought on “Melford Milestone Restored

  1. Emma - Norwich May 22, 2013 / 3:57 pm

    I’ve been very interested in the archeology surrounding Cambridge lately as I have been researching the nursing home in which I work. I discovered that the property, Cedar House, use to have tunnels under it through which priests and monks used to escape to Ely and Cambridge when the clergy were under threat.

    The house was previously a rectory, which explains the story but the find has piqued my interest as to the surrounding areas. Very fascinating stuff!

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