Clare Castle dig day 2

Clare Castle Day 2 – Friday 24th May 2013

A very wet day’s digging today – it rained nearly all day, bar an hour or so around the middle of the day.  But with shelters over the most exposed trenches and good spirits all round, morale was un-dampened.  Trench A – searching for any remains of human burials found in the 1950s – continued down through layers of 19th and 20th century deposits turning up prodigious quantities of station-masters’ china and railway engineers’ cast-offs, while Trench C, in the medieval garden area cleaned up their flint-faced bank (part of a medieval path, perhaps?).

Trench D produced dozens of sherds of medieval painted window glass, with scrolls of beautifully rendered flowers and acorn leaves clearly visible.  Along with yesterday’s decorated floor tile from this same trench, this will enable us to build up ever-better picture of what the most opulent buildings in the medieval castle looked like.

And finally, just as the digging day was drawing to an end, Trench B made the remarkable discovery that even in the area directly under the railway line, more than half a metre below the surface, medieval archaeological remains survive!  Just a glimpse of these deposits have so far been uncovered, so tomorrow volunteers will aims to expose more and see what it is that has survived, seemingly so much against the odds…

Carenza Lewis – excavation director

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