Clare Castle Day 3 afternoon posts from volunteers

Clare Castle blog Day 3

Having got soaked and covered in mud on Day Two I was a little apprehensive about starting today ! However the sun is out and the quagmire is drying nicely.

The trench is now down to the 30cm level, finds today have include some glass, a bit of roof tile and oyster shell. The bank at the end of the pit is still too wet to dig but hopefully will be ok this pm.

All in all great fun and very interesting.

Neil Cameron-Rollo


I was here the first two days of the dig (Thursday and Friday) when the weather was bad, this did not dampen the spirits of any of the volunteers!  We were digging through the topsoil and hard-core layer of Trench B. This trench was heavily disturbed by the railway, but finds are starting to be found, which is really exciting. I really enjoyed my time on the dig and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in history.

Aldous Rees


Thursday morning began with a meeting about our aims for this project and in no time we were out preparing to dig and stripping off the turf. With the weather against us we were given gazebos and continued to dig on. Day two the rain barely stopped but we managed to get through the topsoil and onto the hard-core layer. Despite the rain we had an amazing time and I will use what I learnt towards my studies.

Abigail Pullen.


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