Clare Castle Day 3 – Update from the director

Another great day in Clare!

The highlight news from today has to be the discovery of Anglo-Saxon archaeology in Trench B. It’s remarkable enough that anything has survived in this spot given that railway lines went right over it, but even more amazing that the surviving deposits have produced animal bone and pottery pre-dating the Norman Conquest!

This is the first time that the site has produced definite archaeological evidence of occupation this early, at a time when the historical record is almost entirely silent, so it’s an amazing coup.

All credit to the team of volunteers on Trench B who worked incredibly hard removing more than 15 tons of ballast to uncover these layers. The evidence they contain will help us add a new chapter to Clare’s history, and, much more widely, add to our understanding of the early development of site which became castles in the medieval period. There are pictures of some of the finds, film from some of the trenches, and we’ll add more tomorrow morning to update on this and other trenches.

Thanks and see you tomorrow. -Carenza


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