Clare Castle Day 6 (Tuesday 28th May) – volunteer posts and feedback

Clare Castle Dig Day 6 (Tuesday 28TH May) – Volunteer Blog


Today when I was digging in trench b I found a rim from a medieval pot its really good fun can’t wait for tomorrow.

Oliver, aged 14


Me and Miles were in trench D today we found lots of exiting things like 200year old oyster shells and animal bones now we are cleaning some of the is interesting to see how people lived and what they ate.

Christabelle ,age 12 + Miles ,age 6


I enjoyed the hard work and finding items of interest – watching it on TV does not reflect the effort put in. We were on Trench A which was a really tough nut to crack, but we finally got to the level we wanted to reach.

I hope the next team find some really interesting finds and will be following the progress on the blog

(Harry, volunteer on days 3, 4 and 6)


Excellent experience as usual – always something unexpected turning up – enjoyed finding possible structural features and helping find more pieces of the ‘jigsaw’ regarding the early history of Clare. Am now much more confident at recognising Thetford and other grey wares – found a lot which was nice – enjoyed the usual camaraderie from all the ‘diggers’ and hope the key found is medieval?!

Really hope that this type of activity can be funded in the future by other sources. The interest generated is fantastic – so many visitors benefited from the experience of seeing a ‘real excavation’. Thank you ACA and Managing a Masterpiece. Will watch the blogs with continued interest whilst away in Scotland! Sorry to miss the end of dig barbeque! Hope the weather continues kind!

Corinne  (Days 3, 4 & 5)


Nice to meet up again with people we’d met on previous digs. Enjoyed both of the trenches I worked in – both totally different experiences. Not a resident of Clare but pleased to be able to help. An incredible number of people visited to dig, which added to the interest of the activity. Thank you very much ACA and Managing a Masterpiece.

Philip (Days 4 & 5)


Though it was hard work on the first day, breaking through the turf and clearing the rubble in Trench A, it was still very rewarding gradually working downwards. Monday and Tuesday proved there was more to the trench than just bits of station and the discovery of the different types of pottery was fantastic. Certainly a learning experience seeing the different pottery types, particularly the Mill Green ware. Made me aware there was more to medieval pottery than just grey ware!

Jan (Days 1, 5 & 6)


I live in Clare and already had a keen interest in the history of the town. Being part of the dig has brought it all closer and made me appreciate the wonderful place I live even more. I find it quite special to hold things that have been made/used/broken by people who lived here in the past. I have found it stimulating to see how archaeologists work and reason, especially as I wanted to be an archaeologist long ago! I am pleased to have had such a wonderful opportunity on my doorstep.

All the staff have been friendly, open, patient and so willing to share their knowledge. I feel keen to continue to develop my knowledge of the place I live so can share this with others. Thank you!

Tess (Days 2 & 6)

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