Clare Castle Excavation – Final Day Celebration

20130531_142808On the final afternoon of the Clare Castle excavation, we hosted a celebration for all of the volunteers who took part in the nine day dig as a thank you for their hard work and enthusiasm. It was a fantastic opportunity to see everyone again and share our final discoveries, while we watched the digger made light work of the backfilling!  On behalf of Clare Historical Society, Peggy Smith made a presentation to Carenza Lewis, Director of the excavations. You can view the video above to find out what she received as a memento of the excavations. Managing a Masterpiece provided a generous spread of savoury pastries and Chris Burton said a few words of thanks to Access Cambridge Archaeology, Clare Town Council and all of the volunteers, before Carenza proceeded to give a summary of the finds from each trench and answered questions from the audience. The afternoon finished with tea and a fabulous selection of cakes brought along by volunteers which were enjoyed in the bright sunshine.









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