All Our Journeys

Shirley Community Nursery & Primary School in Chesterton, Cambridge, have completed a journey of personal discovery and a journey through time to discover the cultural heritage and family history of students at the school, which is proud to welcome children from many cultures and countries. Funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund All Our Stories grant and supported by Cambridge Community Heritage, children in Year 5 have had the chance to unearth the cultural, historical and and physical journeys their families have made through the years which finally brought them to Cambridge.

A CCH researcher, Dr Sarah Baylis has worked closely with the lead teacher, Sonia Philips, and led a workshop on interview and recording techniques in preparation for the students questioning  relatives at home about their family histories. Annette Shelford, from the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, and Sarah-Jane Harknett, from the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, have hosted visits to the two museums from the students and followed this up with a workshop in-school to help the students transform their classroom into a museum of special objects, photos and stories about themselves and their families and their journeys through time, space and life which was exhibited earlier in the month.

You can read the archive, blog and resource pack generated by the project on their website here.

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