West Wickham Big Village Dig

West Wickham & District Local History Club organised a successful weekend of community test pit digging on 13th & 14th July with support from Access Cambridge Archaeology and Cambridge Community Heritage researchers, Britt Baillie, Alex Pryor and Carenza Lewis.

Overseen by resident Janet Morris, the Local History Club organised community members to take part in eighteen test pit excavations to inspire, stimulate and engage wider interest in the history of the village its environs, and discover when and where settlement has taken place in the parish of West Wickham.

An article on the excavations was published by the Haverhill Echo this week, which you can see here, and one resident wrote to Cambridge Community Heritage after the event with glowing praise and sincere thanks for the team involved in organising and running the event:

Dear sirs,

Our village West Wickham, Cambridge had a village dig this past weekend. Thanks to the local historian Janet Morris, much interest was generated and eighteen test pits were dug all over (our rather stretched-out village). The two days were hugely successful and generated much enthusiasm.

I would like to praise the excellent organisation and work of your archaeological team – Carenza Lewis, Alex Pryor and Britt Baillie. Their thoroughness, support, expertise and endless energy were essential to the success of the weekend. Somehow there were frequent visits from someone in the team. They appeared on bicycles regularly and were always full of advice, encouragement and instruction. Carenza was particularly energetic.

The follow-up meeting on Sunday afternoon was a good idea. Everyone’s finds were on display and Carenza Lewis summarised the finds. Of course, we all eagerly await the results of more careful analysis.

I have lived in this village since 1972 and have never seen the village come together so united in once common pursuit.

I understand that these projects are Lottery Funded and think that they are money well spent; the work further historical study and knowledge, brings history alive for ordinary people and boosts community feeling.

Many thanks to all concerned!

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