Wednesday 24 July – Looking for answers, finding questions


2407-01 Resistivity survey

Visitors to the Common this morning saw different types of technology being put to use. Here Laura and Olivia are taking resistivity readings under the guidance of Dr Tim Dennis. This is another way of mapping buried features and should complement the other geophysical techniques used in May and June. We want to see if it sheds any more light on the area between the trenches, where the ditch in Trench 1 should meet the ditch in Trench 2.

2407-05 Detecting Trench 2 topsoil

At 10.30 am metal detectorist Tony Carter arrived to help the ongoing search through the topsoil and this gave some diggers the chance to try their hand with a metal detector (as in the photo above). However all this painstaking sieving and searching of topsoil is paying off as more sherds of pottery, animal bone and bits and pieces come to light. Finds today included a horseshoe, a Sea Cadet’s enamelled…

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