Thursday 25 July – The Race to the Bottom of the Ditch


The challenge this morning was for each trench team to reach the bottom of their ditch (carefully though ā€“ no finds or features in the ditch fill to be missed!) The results brought out some interesting differences between the two ditches.

2507-19 Trench 1 Down with the dirt

In Trench 1, the team strove to reach the bottom out the ditch, which was clearly cut into the chalk bedrock with a ā€˜Vā€™ shaped profile. A thin dark brown layer down the sides of the ditch was the first trickle of soil which had fallen into the ditch after it was first cut; this shows clearly in the section, as in this photo.

2507-42 Trench 1  ranging rods

Fragments of animal bone and snail shells came out of the lower layers of silt in the ditch, but no other finds. In this section a piece of animal bone is sticking out of the side of the trench.

2507-39 Trench 1 section with bone

The Trench 2 team had aā€¦

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