Clare Castle Volunteer Places Allocated

A big thank you to everyone who submitted an application to volunteer on the Clare Castle excavation taking place in September. Applications are now closed and all places have been allocated and a reserve list of volunteers notified.

The nine day excavation that ACA ran in May at Clare Country Park evidently aroused a lot of interest from residents of the Stour Valley and beyond.  We have received an overwhelming amount of interest with almost twice as many applications as places available. As stated in our publicity material, our tender to run the excavations agreed to offer people a five day sustained period of participation. We will only have one trench for this smaller-scale follow-up investigation and as such, we have relcutantly had to turn down some of the offers to volunteer on this occasion.

We will, however, be enthusiastically welcoming all visitors to the site and will be hosting tours twice daily (12:30pm & 3:30pm) from Monday 9th to Friday 13th September and hope that many of you will come and see the work in progress. We will also keep the ACA blog up-to-date with the latest discoveries.


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