Getting ready at Goldingham Hall

Ahead of this week’s excavations at Goldingham Hall, near Bulmer, a mechanical digger removed the topsoil from three trenches which will be dug by volunteers as part of the Managing a Masterpiece project in the Stour Valley. Volunteers will be on site from tomorrow morning (Thursday 3rd October) until Sunday afternoon (6th October) and the aim is to look for archaeological evidence of a documented medieval manor. Areas of the arable field have been geophysically surveyed by David and Aline Black of Colchester Archaeological Group and the locations of the three trenches were selected on the basis of their results which showed several magnetic anomalies which could be a ditched enclosure and several nearby parallel ditch features. Much to the relief of ACA archaeological supervisor, Cat Ranson, and landowner, Ashley Cooper, all of the targeted features have been revealed in the removal of the topsoil by the digger today. We have lots to investigate over the next four days, including some intriguing red semi-circular features associated with burnt deposits in the largest of the three trenches which will be one of our first targets to explore further.




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