Goldingham Hall Volunteer Feedback


Last week’s excavation at Goldingham Hall concluded ACA’s recent investigations of the Stour Valley under the Managing a Masterpiece programme, which has reached the end of its three year Heritage Lottery funding. We welcomed back many of the volunteers who have worked with us on previous sites, but also had the chance to work with school students and local residents new to archaeology.  A fantastic 98% of participants rated the excavation as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, with 93% rating it as the former, and in addition, 98% of participants said that they would recommend the activity to others. Landowner and our generous host for the four days at Goldingham Hall, Ashley Cooper, described the experience as “unspeakably rewarding”. Below is a selection of the fantastic feedback we received from participants on the excavation at Goldingham Hall.


“Each day passed too quickly, spending my evenings thinking and wondering about the dig, more questions than answers, another day of discovery, kind, helpful and approachable professionals on hand with advice and guidance, my aching old bones digging up aching old bones. I shall miss this.” Peter (Days 1-4)

“It’s so much fun, that is why I have been involved on five digs. Thanks ACA for a great few years of digs.” Aldous (Days 1-4)


“Thanks to everyone at Managing a Masterpiece and ACA for yet another great dig. I’m sure the skills and knowledge imparted to  the many volunteers over the past few years will shape the future of archaeology and community spirit in the Stour Valley and beyond.” Laure (Days 3 & 4)

“I had a great time on what was my first dig. I would definitely do it again. Thank you.” Will (Days 3 & 4)


“Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to be involved with a professionally run series of digs.” Ellie (Days 1-3)

“The ACA team make you welcome and are approachable.” Rod (Days 2 & 3)


“(I enjoyed) seeing the school and community coming together to learn about their roots and making sense of the history around them. Great time.” Gay (Days 1-3)

“Another good archaeological experience. ACA as well as Managing a Masterpiece deserve all the accolades for an excellent season of archaeological experiences. Wonderful experiences – thank you to everyone involved.” Corinne (Days 1 & 2)

“A day well worth the time and effort, particularly the friendly people and their willingness to pass on their knowledge.” (Mike, Day 2)


If you have any further anecdotes, feedback or photographs to share with us from last week then please get in touch. We aim to keep in touch with everyone who has been involved with the archaeological activities funded by Managing a Masterpiece and run by Access Cambridge Archaeology, in the hope that we will be involved in future work in the Stour Valley. We are holding a celebration event of this collaboration on the evening of Saturday 16th November. If you wish to attend, please e-mail us at to reserve your place.

And finally, an enormous thank you to everyone involved in last week’s excavations and most especially the Managing a Masterpiece team, Chris and Dan, and to Ashley, who so warmly welcomed everyone to Goldingham Hall.

2 thoughts on “Goldingham Hall Volunteer Feedback

  1. Judy Gosling October 10, 2013 / 5:13 pm

    Just wondered if by any chance the pig might have had some sort of deformation which might have made the people superstitious and that is why it was buried? Judy

    • archaccess October 11, 2013 / 8:20 am

      The pig bones have recently been cleaned and there doesn’t seem to be any abnormalities on any of the skeleton that we have (the pelvis and back legs unfortunately weren’t excavated due to the width of the slot). It was a young animal, but it had evidence for arthritis on the spine and many of the teeth were worn down to the roots – perhaps it could no longer eat, due to the pain it most likely would have been in. It’s possible the animal may have suffered from subsequent malnutrition and was the reason it died or was killed. The bones still need to be properly examined by a faunal remains expert, so this is all speculation at the moment, but watch this space for more information as and when we have it!

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