Beyond the Mithraeum – A FEAG talk this Thursday

23rd January 2014 at 7.30 pm
 Tony Cooper Suite, Cottenham Village College
“Beyond the Mithraeum: Museum of London Archaeology’s Excavations at the Bloomberg London Site” by Michael Tetreau
Michael Tetreau will be speaking about MOLA’s excavations at one of the largest archaeological sites ever dug in the City of London. Michael is a Senior Archaeologist at MOLA and has been a supervisor on the Bloomberg site since 2010. This truly massive urban redevelopment project has included a revisit to the Temple of Mithras and the Walbrook Valley trenches dug by Professor Grimes in the 1950s, and has brought to light deeply-stratified and well-preserved structural remains of the Roman city. From writing tablets to harness pendants to over 2 tons of pottery, the finds have been both abundant and amazing. For more information on the dig, and for a taste of what it’s been like on site over the last two years, please visit the blog at

Below is a video of MOLA’s discovery of a Roman tessellated floor on one of their sites along the Walbrook, one of London’s hidden rivers.

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