New Trenches at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer

Stour Valley Community Archaeology

Today, 10th September, two new trenches were opened at Goldingham Hall, under the supervision of Cat Ranson from ACA, who will once again be supporting us on this dig. The Goldingham site was first discovered by Ashley Cooper in 1997. As ploughed the field he noticed small black patches of soil between the size of a cricket ball and a football. The plough had brought these pieces of soil to the surface.

Trench D being opened this morning, being watched by David, Ashley and Cat.

Ashley released the archaeological potential of these pieces of soil and measured and plotted them on a map (see Image below, of Ashley demonstrating the method he used to measure the soil locations within the field).

Ashley demonstrating the measuring system used to measure in location of black soil.

One of these spots of soil was marked with a post in the ground which has…

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