Goldingham Hall Excavation Day One 11th September

Stour Valley Community Archaeology

Goldingham Day One

The morning was spent cleaning both of the new trenches, to identify the new features.
After the trenches were cleaned, digging of the features began.

In Trench E a section was dug through the large ditch which Ashley had found 17 years before. The bottom of this ditch looks like it is not far away and a lot of pot and burnt clay was found in it. Three postholes were also dug today and recorded. These appear to be running parallel to the ditch. During cleaning a new ditch feature appeared and this will be dug over the next few days. This could also be running parallel to the other ditch. There is also the terminus of a third ditch which has started to be excavated.

In Trench D, near to the large posthole, a number of postholes, ditches and pits have been identified and these will…

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