Goldingham Hall Excavation Day Two 12th September

Stour Valley Community Archaeology

Goldingham Hall Day Two

On the second day of the excavation at Goldingham, further work was carried out on the postholes and ditches in the two trenches. The postholes in Trench D have revealed a number of pieces of pottery and charcoal which can be used to date these postholes, which will then give a date for this building. Today was a very successful day with many of the features in Trench D being excavated and drawn.

Trench E, which also had postholes and ditches, revealed a ditch which has a lot of burnt clay and charcoal. It is possible that this ashy soil and burnt clay came from the ovens discovered at the site earlier in the year or other ovens which future digs will reveal. A number of pieces of pottery and bone have been found in this ditch. There is still a third ditch or pit to…

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