Volunteers needed for the Museum of Cambridge and Cambridge Museum of Technology oral history project

museum pic

The Museum of Cambridge and the Cambridge Museum of Technology are both undertaking oral history projects.

These two independent museums are working together to document the history of engineering in the city, as well as recording the understanding of the city’s history as it is understood by local adults with neurological conditions.

The two projects are being developed according to a high industrial standard, and offers a chance for volunteers see how these projects are run from start to finish, along with providing training for oral history work.  Volunteers are needed to help record, transcribe, and catalogue interviews within an archive, develop reminiscence boxes, and handle the administration that goes in to oral histories.

We would be happy to accept volunteers from three hours to three years – if you have time you would like to donate, we can find a place for you!  If you are passionate about history and want to help preserve Cambridge’s past, then please contact Sheldon at sheldon@museumofcambridge.org.uk

The museums can be found online.  See www.museumoftechnology.com and www.museumofcambridge.org.uk to see how they engage with their communities and with history.

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