Dunwich Dig – Day 3

With a full complement of volunteers, Day 3 of the Touching the Tide Dunwich Dig really saw a lot of earth shifted and features revealed. 

Jess and Carenza discuss the wall feature in Trench 1


Glazed floor tile

Trench 1 located between the cliff edge and the Greyfriar’s boundary wall have extended by a metre to the north to further explore their wall feature. It does indeed carry on and once the newly exposed area is cleaned and recorded it will be lifted to try and discover any dating evidence beneath. Tantalisingly, a fragment of glazed medieval floor tile was found just on top of the feature, an indication of a high-status building.

Trench 3 along the continuation of St James’ Street produced the first finds to pre-date the building of the Greyfriar’s Friary in the form of at least two sherds of Thetford ware. This type of pottery was produced c. 900-1150AD, so could even be evidence of Dunwich’s occupation prior to the Norman Conquest. Also, a few sherds of imported pottery, probably from what is now Belgium, indicative of Dunwich’s importance as a large port.

Thetford ware (top) and import ware

And, Trench 4 located at the edge of the medieval harbour (sited in the modern beach car park) revealed two features of its own – two modern drain pipes. However, the team has developed a strategy to carry on digging around the drains at both the eastern and western edges of that trench. 


Cat exposes the first of the two drains in Trench 4
The finds washing team yesterday did an absolutely brilliant job and now the finds all sparkle and are displayed beautifully for those popping in to the museum to see what’s happening. 

The finds
We also had a photographer out from the East Anglian Daily Times, so make sure to check out that article. It will be shared on our blog once it’s been made available online. And, a big thanks to the Suffolk County Council natural environment team for paying us a visit on their tour round the coast yesterday. 


The SCC team out for a tour of the site
Stay tuned to the blog to see what turns up and remember to come see us on our Open Day, Saturday 1st August. 

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