Peterborough Cathedral Excavation Report now online!

Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) with the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) led the 2016 community excavations within the Peterborough Cathedral precinct, where 8 trenches were excavated by a over 150 volunteers over a 12 day period. The dig culminated with the Peterborough Heritage Festival weekend that celebrated both the heritage and history of the city of Peterborough and the Cathedral. Each day over the Heritage Festival weekend, we also had just over 400 visitors through the gate to see the archaeology.

The community excavations were part of the Cathedral’s ‘Peterborough 900: Letting it speak for itself’ project which had been awarded money from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) as part of these 900th anniversary celebrations of the cathedral in 2018. This will also include the construction of a new Heritage Centre at the cathedral which will enable a larger number of visitors and school groups to engage directly with the public.

The final write up of the excavations results can be found on our website along with a summary of the dig. ACA would like to thank all the volunteers again for all your hard work last summer and to the staff at Peterborough Cathedral for allowing us to dig!

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